Athletes have Coaches.
Brides have Wedding Planners.
Students have Academic Advisors.

What do most business owners have?
 ...just a Search Bar, a self-help book, or random podcasts.SBB Website Graphics (500 x 250 px) (2)-1

For most big life events you have someone
to guide you along the way.

Why treat opening your business any differently?

SWAG™ Business Bootcamp

Tell me more about the SWAG Business Bootcamp!


Don't get me wrong - you are THE expert in changing people's lives through your product or service, but now, you are legally and financially on-the-hook as an "official" business. You need to do it right!

You need to know how to protect yourself and complete the pre-opening steps to maximize your success.

20% of franchisees & small businesses
close within the first 12 months.

94% of small business owners
never make a six-figure salary.

Trust me, I know this doesn’t represent your dream.


You want to build a business that
allows you the freedom to take an impromptu vacation, the income to say “YES!” to
things that seem like a luxury now,
and the ability to give back to those in need.

You want to build a life of
Sanity, Wealth, And Gratitude™. 

You need the SWAG™ Business Bootcamp. Your blueprint to Sanity, Wealth, And Gratitude™


Meet your strategic advisor, standing on the sideline, coaching you as you launch your business - April Porter, award-winning multi-unit franchisee and attorney.


Like many new franchisees, I had never owned a business before. I was a prosecuting attorney sick of my day job, burned out, and ready for a change. So when the opportunity to own a franchise came up, I was all ears. 


I agreed to open three locations within 3 years. I didn’t know it at the time, but I had my work cut out for me. 


I had a lot of ground to cover if I wanted to be successful. I blew through all the content my franchisor gave me, invested in books and courses, and was learning as I went. 


It wasn’t until I hired a strategic advisor that my business really started to sore. I opened a fourth location, and started two additional businesses, all because the franchise locations didn’t need me full time! They were fully operational on their own. 


Every new business owner needs to invest in a strategic advisor to coach them through setting up their business, protecting their personal assets, and accelerating operations so they can reach a life of Sanity, Wealth, and Gratitude™. And you’ll do it a lot faster than I did walking through the first years of business ownership in the dark with no guidance. 


That’s why I founded the SWAG™ Business Bootcamp, a course laying the foundation for all of your franchise empire dreams. 


Inside, we’ll cover things you’ve never thought of to make sure you are set up to perform at your highest caliber. How do I know what you need? I’ve been where you are, excited and unsure of how building a business will pan out. I know the tricks of the trade and how to make sure you end up on top.

April Porter
There’s no telling where my business would be without April in my back pocket. I for sure would not be opening my second business right now.
Cheryl P.
Multi Unit Small Business Owner
April breaks down information in easy to follow steps and simplifies concepts without making me feel inferior. With her guidance, I turned my hobby into a lucrative business in less than 60 days, increasing my sales by 200% and growing. I’m done guessing who the best expert to learn from is. I don’t need to waste time or money on anyone else.
Vicki A.
Multi Unit Franchisee
April is a brilliant business strategist. Her process has opened my mind and my heart to the growth potential and substantial financial stability of my business.
Angel M.
Multi Unit Small Business Owner
SWAGTM Business Bootcamp - Background - Black Sparkles - Blank
lesson #1... an investment does not equal an expense. investments create money. expenses devour money.
The SWAG™ Business Bootcamp is an investment in your business.

Do you want to live the constant rat-race of guessing what strategies will work, reading hundreds of pages, listening to a hodge-podge of podcasts, & asking business owners that don’t know any more than you do?



Be confident covering all the bases with the SWAG™ Business Bootcamp & set up your business, with an award-winning, multi-unit franchisee and attorney coaching you along the way!


SWAG™ Business Bootcamp

Clients that complete the SWAG™ Business Bootcamp save
tens to hundreds to thousands of dollars from making rookie mistakes like:

  • Avoid the High Cost of a Mismatched Business Model: Dive into entrepreneurship with a model that fits, not one that costs you. We've saved business owners from the financial drain of pursuing the wrong model, ensuring your journey starts on the right path.
  • Demystify Complex Documents, Save Thousands: Misunderstanding the Franchise Disclosure Document or Franchise Agreement can be a pricey mistake. Our expert insights help you navigate these critical documents, saving you from unforeseen liabilities and losses.
  • Align Your Franchise with Your Life Goals: Selecting a franchise that doesn't fit your lifestyle aspirations can lead to regret and financial strain. We guide you to make choices that align with your personal and financial goals, ensuring a fulfilling and profitable venture.
  • Empower Your Due Diligence: Not knowing the right questions to ask during due diligence can be costly. We arm you with the knowledge and critical questions to uncover the true potential and pitfalls of your franchise investment, saving you tens of thousands.
  • Secure Your Financial Foundations: Underestimating the capital required can derail your business before it even starts. We assist in planning and securing the adequate capital you need, preventing the stress and financial burden of undercapitalization.
  • Legal Setup Made Right: An incorrect legal setup can lead to unnecessary legal fees and challenges. Our expertise helps you get it right from the start, safeguarding your business and saving you substantial legal costs.
  • Attract the Dream Team: The wrong team can cost more than just money; it can cost your business's success. We guide you in attracting and retaining the right team members who share your vision and drive, pivotal to your business's growth and longevity.

Inside the course you will cover topics ranging from complying with local, state and federal regulations to transforming your mindset and so much more.

Take a peek inside the course.

SWAG™ Business Bootcamp Course

🌟 **Step into Business Ownership**

Embrace the entrepreneur mindset and unearth the benchmarks needed to achieve your vision of success. Gain the confidence to take the leap and become the master of your destiny.


💡 **Choose the Right Business Model**

Not all business models are created equal. We'll help you decode the intricacies of various business models, ensuring you make a strategic choice that sets the stage for profitability and growth.


🏢 **Commercial Space**

Whether it's a physical storefront or an online shop, your business needs a home. Learn the art of selecting the perfect commercial space, maximizing its potential, and creating an unforgettable customer experience.

🏢 **Franchise Deep Dive**

Discover the ins and outs of the world of franchising to decipher the hidden risks and opportunities. Uncover the secrets to selecting the perfect franchise opportunity that aligns with your goals and values.


📜 **Make Your Business Official**

Navigate the legal landscape like a pro. From business registration to licenses and permits, we've got you covered. Ensure a solid foundation for your venture, free from legal hassles.


📈 **Scale Your Business**

Ready to take your venture to new heights? We’ll walk you through proven strategies for scaling your business sustainably, expanding your reach, and increasing your bottom line.


⚙️ **Strategies to Accelerate Success**

Unlock the vault of advanced techniques used by industry titans. From effective marketing strategies to optimizing operations, we'll equip you with the tools to fast-track your journey to success.


🤝 **Network & Collaborate**

Building a successful business isn’t a solo journey. It was never meant to be. The SWAG™ Business Bootcamp network is where you form strategic partnerships, collaborate on projects, and forge lasting connections. Imagine the potential for joint ventures and shared success stories that await within this dynamic network.

🚀  **Weekly Q&A Sessions**

We understand that learning is a dynamic process, and sometimes you need personalized guidance. That’s why we offer exclusive weekly Q&A sessions with April. Dive deeper into the course content and get expert advice on your unique business situation.

💬  **Community Portal**

Ask questions, share insights, and tap into the collective wisdom of your peers 24/7 in the SWAG™ Business Bootcamp Community. 

I'm ready for SWAG! Get me in that Bootcamp!


The SWAG™ Business Bootcamp course is

  enrolling for the April 15th class NOW.  

If you’re going to be the next Labron James or have the wedding of your dreams, you need someone guiding you along the way.

Your business shouldn’t be any different.


Your business set-up is time-sensitive. Once your doors are open, you can’t go back in time to correct mistakes, and those mistakes can impact your operations for years to come.


Avoid the sleepless nights and capture success from the start.

See if the SWAG Business Bootcamp is for you, book a consult NOW!


April Porter is the “REAL DEAL”! She owned and grew four gyms to the point where she was able to sell them for a profit. I can’t say enough good things about her. April is one of the few worth hiring!!!
Angie H.
April’s knowledge and experience are vast and unparalleled. I was able to double my customers coming into my franchise after taking her workshop. I ended up opening a second location, growing my staff, and doubling my sales. April is THE go-to person if you own a franchise and want to get on the right track and grow your brand within your defined system! I didn’t know how much I needed her.
Laura P.
Multi Unit Franchisee


With the help of this course, I promise you will have a strong foundation on which to build your business empire.

It’s up to you to put in the work to see it through. Do you have what it takes?


Don't settle for mediocrity when you can achieve Sanity, Wealth, and Gratitude™ through strategic business ownership.

Seize this opportunity to write YOUR future.

When you think about the impact this business will have on your future, do you really want the chaos of hustle culture, the scarcity of living paycheck to paycheck, or the fear that you don’t have what it takes?

If so, this course is not for you.

This is the place to invest in yourself, build your legacy, and live with SWAG™.

April Porter


Get your questions answered. Check out some of our frequently asked questions.

→ Protect Your Dreams 

Accelerate Your Success 

Build a Strong Foundation for your Dreams 

See if the SWAG Business Bootcamp is for you, book a consult NOW!

I’ll see you on the inside, leading you through strategic concepts, making your business the best it can be and ushering Sanity, Wealth, and Gratitude™ into your life.

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